Tuesday, 10 January 2017

What the Amish can teach you about the eighties

So here we are then.  Just what the internet was crying out for.  Another blog.

Ever better, a blog all about my absolute favourite subject - eighties music.  That's right, the decade in music that brought you such stone cold classics as I'd Rather Jack by The Reynolds Girls, John Wayne is Big Leggy by Haysi Fantayzee and Big Apple by Kajagoogoo.

I’m so sorry.

In trying to come up with an eye catching first blog post that would scare away your eighties fears, I turned to Portent’s content idea generator to see if it could help.  The generator produced topics such as:

  • What the Amish can teach you about the eighties
  • 20 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About the Eighties
  • Why You Shouldn’t the Eighties in Bed
  • Why the Eighties are Lamer than James Franco
  • Ways the Eighties Can Increase Your Productivity

So no help there.

Essentially, I listen to a lot of eighties music.  Not just the ‘cool’ stuff, not just the cheesy ‘guilty pleasures’ that feature on numerous compilation albums – put simply, I have a terrible problem.

You can expect odes to David Sylvian’s hair, Billy Mackenzie’s whippets, Stephen Duffy’s cheekbones...you get the idea.  No doubt I’ll even blog about their actual music at some point too.  And who knows, maybe we’ll discover the Amish really can teach us a lot about the eighties.

In the meantime, here’s Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode holding a chicken.  Enjoy.

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  1. We can learn a lot from the Amish. And from the eighties.